California could award Senate seat to 'Russian collusion' fraudster

California could award Senate seat to 'Russian collusion' fraudster

California could award Senate seat to 'Russian collusion' fraudster

A high-stakes political race has kicked off in California, where U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein is wisely not seeking re-election, and where a well-known but disgraced congressman, Adam Schiff, could soon represent the state.

Sen. Feinstein, at age 89, has finally announced she is giving up the powerful seat in light of worsening mental abilities. Her condition has gotten so bad, in fact, the Senator had forgotten about her own announcement when Capitol Hill reporters asked her for comment.

So the race is on for a Senate seat that Feinstein will keep through 2024 if she’s able to finish her current term. So far, Schiff and U.S. Rep. Katie Porter have announced they are running.

Reacting to news of Schiff’s candidacy, Kevin McGary of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California tells AFN there is a good chance Californians will elect Schiff, whom McGary calls a liar, a thief, and a fraud.

“This guy is the absolute worst,” McGary says of the congressman. “He is so sociopathic and psychopathic in his lying. He's really masterful at it.”

Schiff became an overnight hero to Trump haters back in 2017, when he chaired the House Intelligence Committee and pushed the “Trump-Russia collusion” charge against President Trump throughout his one term. The sensational claim eventually fell apart thanks to an Inspector General’s investigation, and led to back Hillary Clinton and her presidential campaign, but Schiff has never admitted he was wrong.

Last month, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (pictured at left) announced he was refusing to seat Schiff on the Intelligence Committee, citing his “lies” while chairman of a vital House committee entrusted with U.S. security secrets.

Before the midterm elections, McCarthy had vowed to keep Schiff off the committee for lying to the American public “time and again” as chairman.

“If there's anything you have to admire about Schiff,” McGrary tells AFN, “you have to admire the ease at which he can lie and manipulate."

As far as the most likely candidate to replace Feinstein, McGrary predicts Schiff is the frontrunner so far.

Political analyst Dr. Charles Dunn tells AFN it’s early for “hardcore” predictions about which Democrat will replace Feinstein other than predicting a Republican can’t win a statewide race.

“You have to go back a long distance,” he says, “to see the time when Republicans had a shot at winning in California.”