House hearing hears plea that 'green energy' leaving people in poverty

House hearing hears plea that 'green energy' leaving people in poverty

House hearing hears plea that 'green energy' leaving people in poverty

A black conservative activist shared her concerns about the Biden administration’s family-crippling energy policies in front of the new Republican-led Congress, where lawmakers were reminded that the poor always suffer the most from foolish government policies.

Donna Jackson, director of membership development for Project 21, testified last week before the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce. She urged lawmakers to fight the climate change fanatics whose victories would mean real-life misery for millions forced to give up their gas-powered automobiles and electricity-powered homes.

Jackson, Donna (Project 21) Jackson

“They're really trying to actually trying to take away the ability for people to have personal property, to own anything,” Jackson, referring to the Marxist-like environmentalists, tells AFN.

The hearing was chaired by Rep. Cathy McMorris Rogers (R-WA), who welcomed Jackson and several more guests to describe their difficulties under a fossil fuel-hating administration, according to a story by The Center Square website. The owner of a truck stop chain described the challenges created by the Biden administration as well as a carbon tax enacted by the state of Washington. The owner of a family potato farm in Virginia described a 186% jump in the price of diesel, a jump in prices for fertilizer and herbicide, and even a 30% in plastic bags for the potatoes.

“This is not sustainable,” David Hickman, who co-owners Dublin Farms, warned the House committee.

When it was Jackson’s turn, she said black families have a lower-than-average household income that has been hit hard with inflation and fuel costs.

“Environmental justice is not justice because it's creating poverty," she testified. "Climate change policy creates a permanent underclass to be controlled by the government."

Jackson tells AFN the issue of “energy poverty” is important to Project 21, which is why the topic was included in its “Blueprint for a Better Deal for Black America.”

When the committee hearing concluded, McMorris Rogers urged her fellow lawmakers to challenge the Biden administration's energy policies to help keep the "American dream" alive.