Voters respect that Trump is tested

Voters respect that Trump is tested

Voters respect that Trump is tested

As the 2024 presidential campaign moves forward, an author and political activist says Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis are both great candidates, but one has something the other doesn't.

In November, the former president mocked Florida's Ron DeSantis at a political rally, as many expect the popular governor will also run for president and thus be a major rival to Trump in 2024. Trump announced his White House run early, and even though the momentum of his campaign has disappointed some, a compilation of 2024 GOP presidential nomination preference polls from Real Clear Politics shows that he has a 13-point lead over DeSantis, who is in second place.

David Horowitz, founder and CEO of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, says while there is really no way of knowing whom the voters will pick, he thinks Trump's time in office will play in his favor.

Horowitz, David Horowitz

"I would think that conservative voters, as opposed to Washington types, respect the fact that Trump is tested," he tells AFN. "It's hard to imagine another human being that would withstand the attacks on himself and his family that Trump has suffered, so I think people will consider Trump reliable, and I think he'll be tough to beat."

He adds, though, that none of that takes away from DeSantis' political strength or personal character.

"I like Ron DeSantis," Horowitz states plainly. "I've had him at my events many times. He's a very good man, he's a good governor, and he's gutsy and smart. But I think the fact that Trump is so tested will weigh in the balance."

"I don't have a crystal ball," he adds. "Either of them would be great."

Trump will travel to the state capitol in Columbia, South Carolina on Saturday to hold his first official rally of the 2024 presidential campaign.