Prediction: DeSantis will be the one to beat

Prediction: DeSantis will be the one to beat

Prediction: DeSantis will be the one to beat

With the midterms out of the way, pundits are already looking to 2024. And one public policy analyst is particularly focused on the Republican presidential nomination.

Former President Donald Trump has already officially announced his candidacy, but many political observers believe Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, fresh off a decisive re-election victory, will ultimately be the Republican nominee. In fact, several polls show DeSantis beating Joe Biden and Joe Biden beating Trump.

Taylor, Dr. Jameson (AFA Action) Taylor

"We're going to see a crowded Republican field, which is a good thing, because it shows how strong the Republican bench is," comments Jameson Taylor, director of policy and legislative affairs at AFA Action.

He also notes that no other potential candidate has a resumé comparable to DeSantis's.

"I believe that DeSantis is the candidate to beat," Taylor submits. "As long as DeSantis keeps making good decisions and standing up for strong conservative policies, he's going to attract voters, and he will win the nomination."

And if the Florida governor does throw his hat in the ring, that announcement is expected by next summer.

"The word is that the DeSantis camp will announce after the Florida legislative session is over, in about May 2023," Taylor relays. "Certainly DeSantis is going to focus on what he can do as the governor of Florida. Florida is DeSantis's resumé, so he needs to focus on passing good policy in Florida and taking care of his own state. If he does that, then he will do well in the election."

Taylor is confident that DeSantis would beat Joe Biden in 2024.

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