Schumer admits Dems want 'the whole enchilada'

Schumer admits Dems want 'the whole enchilada'

Schumer admits Dems want 'the whole enchilada'

With Americans not reproducing as much as previous generations, one senator has an idea for how to up the numbers and keep businesses and entitlement programs from being further affected.

Speaking to the press outside the U.S. Capitol grounds, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-New York) recently said he wants to give citizenship to so-called "Dreamers" -- young people impacted by Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act -- and "undocumented" people to make up the difference.

"Immigrants make us stronger now more than ever," he asserted. "Now more than ever we're short of workers. We have a population that is not reproducing on its own with the same level that it used to, [and] the only way we're going to have a great future in America is if we welcome and embrace immigrants, the Dreamers and all of them, because our ultimate goal is to help the Dreamers but get a path to citizenship for all 11 million, or however many undocumented there are here."

Fox News notes the irony that Schumer and the Democratic Party support abortion and simultaneously complain about low birth rates. And Ira Mehlman, spokesman for the Foundation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), credits the New York senator for at least being honest about his agenda.

Mehlman, Ira (Federation for American Immigration Reform) Mehlman

"We keep hearing they just want to create a fix for the DACA recipients," he observes, noting that DACA is heading to the Supreme Court and is likely to be struck down as unconstitutional.

"In a moment of honesty there, I guess among the people that he is trying to appease, he did admit that the intention here is to grant amnesty to … 11 million," Mehlman continues. "There are way, way more than 11 million people in the country illegally."

In fact, he says more are arriving every day, thanks to the Biden administration.

"So, at least we know what we're dealing with," the FAIR spokesman reiterates. "The Republicans now know that the Democrats are not going to be stopped at just an amnesty for DACA recipients or just an amnesty for those who came to the country illegally as minors. They want the whole enchilada."

He adds that they had better be prepared to stand up and resist that.