Gramley calls it 'a sad day in Pennsylvania'

Gramley calls it 'a sad day in Pennsylvania'

Gramley calls it 'a sad day in Pennsylvania'

A pro-family activist predicts things will get much worse in The Keystone State following Tuesday's election results.

Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, says it was a disappointing night for Republicans in Pennsylvania. In the governor's race, left-wing Attorney General Josh Shapiro won over Republican Doug Mastriano, who put on a great grassroots campaign but was greatly outspent by the Democrat.

Gramley, Diane (AFA of Pennsylvania) Gramley

"Overall, it was very, very disappointing," Gramley laments. "I don't understand the folks of Pennsylvania. We will not have another Tom Wolf, which would have been bad enough, but we have a Josh Shapiro, who is a liberal activist. Things will become much worse under Josh Shapiro than they were under Tom Wolf," she continues. "I don't think we can fully fathom how bad it's going to be in Pennsylvania for the next four years. It's a sad day in Pennsylvania."

Gramley goes on to submit that Democrat John Fetterman's victory over Republican Mehmet Oz in the Senate race illustrates the folly of early voting.

"He didn't have any kind of debate or anything until two weeks out from the election," she notes. "How many people had already sent in their mail-in ballots, who may well have voted for [Oz]? That's one of the dangers of mail-in ballots. People are not educated enough to place an educated vote when there's been no debate taking place."

She calls it both "astounding" and "very disappointing" that Fetterman won.