Heritage: UK needs conservative principles from Conservative leader

Heritage: UK needs conservative principles from Conservative leader

In the midst of difficult economic times, Risha Sunak (pictured) has been elected Great Britain's new prime minister after a string of missteps by the Conservative Party.

Heritage: UK needs conservative principles from Conservative leader

An expert on the United Kingdom and its parliamentary politics predicts the Conservative Party is headed for defeat after a new leader took over parliament’s key leadership role this week.

On Tuesday, former finance minister Rishi Sunak became Great Britain's prime minister after his predecessor, Liz Truss, created turmoil in the stock market, and among her MP colleagues, after promising to slash taxes when the county is battling soaring inflation.

That vote makes Sunak the third person to hold that office this year following Boris Johnson, who resigned in July after serving in that role since 2019. Truss became the country's shortest-serving prime minister after announcing her resignation late last week.

Dr. Ted Bromund, who studies Europe and its politics at The Heritage Foundation, tells AFN the political drama that has unfolded since Johnson stepped down will hurt the majority Conservative Party when elections come around in 2024. In other words, those MP's will likely lose seats and their influence when the country needs that leadership.  

 “You know, the reality is that sooner or later people like a change, even if it is a change for the worse," Bromund observes. "And even if I would say it's a stupid change, they still like a change.”

In a related op-ed at Fox News, Heritage fellow Nile Gardiner urges Sunak to “lead as a conservative” because Great Britain is going through difficult times.

“Economic freedom, British sovereignty, a strong national defense, and secure borders are vital,” Gardiner writes.

Both Gardiner and Bromund work at the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at Heritage. Gardiner is a former aide to the late prime minister.