Those Dominion machines? Get 'em outta Georgia

Those Dominion machines? Get 'em outta Georgia

A Dominion executive demonstrates one of his company's touchscreen voting machines.

Those Dominion machines? Get 'em outta Georgia

The head of a pro-family organization in Georgia agrees with a group of computer and election security experts that the voting machines in the Peach State must be replaced.

The 13 experts sent a letter to the members of the State Election Board urging them to immediately stop using the controversial Dominion Voting Systems touchscreen voting machines. The group also suggests they mandate a post-election audit on the outcome of all races on the ballot.

Timothy Head, executive director of the Georgia-based Faith & Freedom Coalition, tells AFN that having a variety of expert opinions on possible voting irregularities is helpful.

"… It certainly is that much more confirming when over a dozen experts all come to the same or a similar conclusion," he explains. "[That way] we know that it's not … just sort of an agenda-laden manipulation that a bunch of people feel the same or a similar way."

Head, Timothy (FFC) Head

And given what he calls the "oddities" of the 2020 elections as well as the early 2021 elections in Georgia, "it's important, period, for us to have confidence in our elections."

The letter from the experts also said a switch to hand-marked paper ballots could easily be accommodated by the midterms because state law already provides for such ballots to be used as an emergency backup.

"I think that a little more diligence on this is probably a good thing," Head concludes, "especially when frankly you're probably going to have the balance of the U.S. Senate hanging out there for the rest of the country this November here."

According to The Associated Press, the experts who sent the letter argue the machines already made elections more vulnerable to tampering because voters cannot read the barcode to verify that it accurately reflects their selections.