Does Diehl stand a chance?

Does Diehl stand a chance?

Does Diehl stand a chance?

A Massachusetts-based pro-family activist believes the Trump-backed Republican nominee has a chance to win his state's gubernatorial race this fall.

Former state Representative Geoff Diehl won the Massachusetts GOP primary Tuesday night over moderate businessman and political newcomer Chris Doughty. In the fall, Diehl will face Democrat Attorney General Maura Healey, whose only rival for the nomination dropped out of the race but remained on the ballot. As Massachusetts is one of the most liberal states in the nation, she is expected to be the heavy favorite in November against Diehl.

However, MassResistance President Brian Camenker notes that Massachusetts is the latest example of a Democrat-dominated state nominating a Trump-backed GOP candidate. He tells AFN he did not support Diehl at the GOP state convention earlier this year.

Camenker, Brian (MassResistance) Camenker

"Diehl had done an event with the Log Cabin Republicans, and he posted it on his website … that he supports the gay agenda, and he thinks it's a great civil rights thing, and it helps kids coming out," Camenker recalls. "I've had enough of that. And even though I like Diehl, I just wasn't going to vote for him for that reason."

But now, the MassResistance president says Diehl, who is "very pro-life" and "a Trump guy," is far better than the alternative.

"[Healey] has been absolutely horrible, everybody's worst nightmare," he submits. "She's this flaming lesbian, and she hates Christians … hates conservatives, and she was part of like 50 lawsuits against President Trump -- all of which went nowhere."

Camenker goes on to say that the Democratic nominee "is insanely bad on everything." And as for whether Jeff Diehl can beat her, he recognizes that it will be tough, but if the Republican can raise some money and run a good campaign, he thinks it could happen.