Biden, media to blame for 'mood of the people'

Biden, media to blame for 'mood of the people'

Biden, media to blame for 'mood of the people'

A tea party activist believes Democrats are provoking a civil war with hopes that China will dominate the "new world order."

According to a poll conducted by the University of Chicago's Institute of Politics, 28% of U.S. voters – including 37% who own guns – believe "it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government."

Broken down by party, 45% of voters identified as "strong Republicans" said it may be necessary to take up arms against the government, while 21% of "strong Democrats" and 35% of independent voters believe the same. Last month, a similar poll revealed that 44% of Americans, including 53% of Republicans and 39% of Democrats, believe the "U.S. seems headed toward a civil war in the near future."

Zawistowski, Tom (We the People Convention) Zawistowski

"I think it accurately reflects the mood of the people of the United States," responds Tom Zawistowski, president of the tea party-affiliated We the People Convention. "Now we're getting to the point where I'm concerned that we're going to have to go to arms, and that's Joe Biden's fault. That's the media's fault. They're driving this, and quite frankly, I'm concerned that that's actually what they want. "

He adds that an American civil war is also exactly what China wants.

"We know for a fact that Joe Biden is owned by China. We know that he just gave some of our strategic petroleum reserves to China," Zawistowski notes. "And what does China want? China wants to destroy us from within. Well, how would you destroy us from within better than having us have a civil war?"

He is concerned that the media and the current administration are driving the nation toward another civil war "because they want China to dominate the new world order."