Oz not expected to catch up to Fetterman

Oz not expected to catch up to Fetterman

Oz not expected to catch up to Fetterman

A family activist in Pennsylvania has serious doubts that Dr. Oz will keep a critical Senate seat in Republican hands.

Leading up to the Pennsylvania Republican primary in May, conservative media heavyweights like Fox's Sean Hannity insisted that the only way for Republicans to keep the seat of retiring GOP Senator Pat Toomey was to nominate high-profile celebrity doctor Dr. Mehmet Oz (pictured above). He also had the endorsement of former president Donald Trump.

But AFA Action's iVoterGuide rated Oz as a moderate compared to his top competitors, Kathy Barnette and David McCormick, who were rated conservative and leans conservative, respectively.

Still, Oz ended up edging out McCormick to secure the nomination. But in a USA Today/Suffolk poll taken last month, Oz trails far-left Democrat Lt. Governor John Fetterman by nine points.

Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, has never supported Oz and is not surprised by the poll.

Gramley, Diane (AFA of Pennsylvania) Gramley

"It's troubling that he won," she comments. "It's troubling that President Trump endorsed him. I've always felt very strongly that Dr. Oz really does not have a chance against John Fetterman; it does not surprise me that the polling is showing that John Fetterman is nine points ahead of Dr. Oz."

Gramley says the voters appear willing to support Fetterman, despite his far-left radical positions.

"He's definitely a socialist," she tells AFN. "We do not need a socialist representing Pennsylvania in Washington, D.C. He's pro-abortion. He's pro-legalizing pot. He's pro-LGBTQ."

In short, Gramley says Fetterman has shown his "very liberal tendencies" the entire time he has been the lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, so there is reason to expect more of the same from him.