Left doesn't plan to let Latino voters go

Left doesn't plan to let Latino voters go

Left doesn't plan to let Latino voters go

Democrats realize they are losing the Hispanic vote, and one community leader expects policy changes will only be a last-ditch effort to keep the GOP from benefiting at the polls.

The 2022 election season has not been kind to Democrats in border states and communities. Several formerly deep-blue districts have swung to the GOP, most recently with Congresswoman-elect Mayra Flores of the Rio Grande Valley in Southern Texas.

Many pundits say Biden's chaotic border policy is driving voters to the right, but Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC), says many Hispanics have been Republicans for years; they are only just realizing it.

"We are pro-life; we are the most pro-life community in America," he asserts. "So because we are pro-life, and you hear about late-term abortions, you just can't reconcile that. Hence, the Democrats are losing Latinos."

He goes on to call it a developing relationship.

Rodriguez, Samuel (NHCLC) Rodriguez

"There was some flirtatious activity taking place between the Republican Party and the Latino community. That flirtatious activity has now formalized itself into dating," Rev. Rodriguez says. "The conservative movement is now officially dating the Hispanic-American demographic."

Continuing with the metaphor, he suggests the relationship could very well lead to an engagement and then a marriage. If and when that happens, the reverend expects some monumental policy changes from the left – especially when it comes to the border crisis. Once they discover that the people crossing the border are voting Republican, the Democrats will decide to close and secure the borders.

Meanwhile, a liberal media group is buying up Hispanic radio stations throughout the country, hoping their propaganda can stop the slide in support.

The Latino Media Network, a group backed by former Obama and Clinton fundraisers, has shelled out $60 million to buy 18 AM and FM stations across the country. But Rev. Rodriguez says the change has not gone as hoped among increasingly conservative Hispanics.

"This is absolutely the George Soros apparatus purchasing Latino radio stations in order to propagate an anti-Latino, anti-Christian, anti-American ideology," the NHCLC president states.

Cuban Hispanics in South Florida are especially angry with the change in radio programming, as conservative radio has been popular with their community, like it has been for the rest of America. So Rodriguez expects them to push back hard.

"They thought they could do it in very clandestine sort of way, a very nuanced way, and guess what? Not in this day and age," he declares. "So, we are issuing a clarion call for Latinos to wake up and not drink the Kool-Aid."

For every station George Soros purchases to push his propaganda, Rodriguez says, "We're going to push back and purchase other platforms and engage other mediums in the message of life, religious liberty, biblical justice, limited government, and no to communism."

He adds that liberals have never succeeded in radio, so progressive Hispanic stations should not be expected to fare any better.