New benefit shows how 'tone deaf' House Dems are

New benefit shows how 'tone deaf' House Dems are

New benefit shows how 'tone deaf' House Dems are

Taxpayer watchdogs are not happy with news that the House representatives are giving staff Peloton memberships.

Fox Business reports that beginning May 18, the government contract with fitness giant Peloton, under efforts from the House Center for Well-Being, will be offered to the estimated 10,000 people on staff working for the House of Representatives and about 2,300 Capitol Police officers.

Brady, Demian (NTUF) Brady

"It's been reported widely in several sources from Fox News to Politico," says Demian Brady, vice president of research with National Taxpayers Union Foundation (NTUF). "The contract has been viewed by some reporters, so we have details and we know that an announcement will be forthcoming to provide this benefit."

Carson Steelman, press secretary for Heritage Action for America, says this is just another example of "how tone deaf the Democrats and the left are" when it comes to inflation and the fact that Americans are struggling because of the economic policies they have put in place.

Steelman, Carson (Heritage Action) Steelman

"Americans can barely afford to fill up their gas tanks, afford to go to the grocery store, and can barely afford to buy their first home, and they're doing absolutely nothing to solve that problem," says Steelman. "Instead, they're just handing out Peloton memberships to House staffers. It's completely tone deaf. It's completely out of touch."

While the memberships will be free to House staff and Capitol Police, Brady points out that taxpayers could be on the hook for about $120,000 a month if everyone who is eligible signs up for the benefit. And seeing as how Peloton memberships can be shared with family members, Brady sees a good chance that more staffers will be incentivized to take advantage of the offer.

"There are better uses of taxpayer dollars, especially when we're looking at a $30 trillion national debt," Brady concludes.