U.S. economy, teetering on disaster, not my fault, says Biden

U.S. economy, teetering on disaster, not my fault, says Biden

U.S. economy, teetering on disaster, not my fault, says Biden

President Joe Biden took a desperate political gamble this week by blaming Republicans for runaway inflation that is gobbling up gas money and grocery budgets, but that clumsy attempt at a political blame game didn’t happen without pushback.

Citing the war in Ukraine, Biden in past weeks has blamed Russia’s president for rising gas and energy prices, and even for inflation, and the president on Tuesday insisted it was Republican lawmakers who are wrecking the economy right in front of our eyes.

"They have no plan to bring down energy prices today," Biden, whose administration has declared war on fossil fuels, gas-driving automobiles, and Big Oil, brazenly claimed. "No plan to a cleaner, energy-independent future tomorrow."

Meanwhile, the national average for a gallon of unleaded regular hit $4.36 this week, a record high, with $3.90 reported as the lowest drivers are paying. 

Biden and his advisors took another gamble in the speech: The President bizarrely blamed U.S. Sen. Rick Scott for inflation, citing the Florida senator’s “Rescue America” proposal and claiming it would raise taxes on poor Americans if passed in a Republican-led Senate.

Scott’s tax proposal calls for Americans who currently don’t pay income tax to pay at least a small portion, hence Biden’s claim Republicans want to tax the poor. But the tax proposal is actually opposed by other Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, so it's unlikely to be approved by a future GOP-led Senate, but Biden used it Tuesday as an Election Day boogey man.

Elsewhere in the press conference, a reporter asked Biden is he is taking any “responsibility” for inflation.

“I think our policies help, not hurt,” he replied.

Inflation is the devaluing of a nation’s currency, such as the U.S. dollar, when the printing presses are running wild. The printing press at the U.S. Treasury Dept. has been running through trillions of dollars going back to the pandemic, when Americans woke up to “stimulus” money in their checking accounts.

More recently, the American Rescue Plan passed by Democrats last year added another $1.9 trillion. The billions of dollars approved by Congress to aid Ukraine, including $40 billion this week, will also add to inflation. 

Back in March, the U.S. inflation rate hit 8.5%, setting a record not seen since the 1980s. April numbers released this week, such as the consumer price index, also showed paycheck-gobbling figures that are destroying family budgets eight months after the Biden administration bragged Americans saved 16 cents on their July 4th cookouts. 

"Hot dog, the Biden economic plan is working," the White House said last year. "And that's something we can all relish." 

Reacting to Biden's speech on The Todd Starnes Show, economist Stephen Moore said "the match that lit this forest fire of raging inflation" was the massive government spending in Biden's first year.

"We should be cutting spending right now, not raising it," said Moore.

"It's pretty clear that President Biden has no idea how the American people feel and it almost seems like he doesn't care how the American people are struggling with inflation," Carson Steelman, of Heritage Action for America, tells AFN.

Biden’s “solution” appears to be blaming Republicans, keeping spending trillions of dollars, and lying about the deficit, Steelman adds.

That is in reality not a solution, nor an economic plan, but an attempt at “gaslighting” the American people, he says.