America 'inherently racist'? I'm proof it's not, says GOP candidate

America 'inherently racist'? I'm proof it's not, says GOP candidate

America 'inherently racist'? I'm proof it's not, says GOP candidate

There's a changing of the guard in the Republican Party. Young candidates are coming up who are unashamed of their politics – and their faith. Among them is a female graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy and veteran of the Iraq War.

Indiana's been a Red state for years now, but it has some very Blue areas. The 1st Congressional District is one of those. It hasn't had a Republican representative since the 1920s. But Hoosiers in the district are going to see a solid Christian conservative on the ballot in November.

Jennifer-Ruth Green (pictured above) won the GOP primary Tuesday and will face off against incumbent Democrat Frank Mrvan in the midterms. She spoke with Fox News this week about her background and aspirations.

"I'm a Christian first and foremost, and God is good to me," she shared. "Got saved when I was nine years old. I'm the baby is six, my parents have been married 52 years. My mom is Filipino, my dad's African-American."

In addition, she says she's 100% pro-life and thinks critical race theory is dangerous.

"I wholeheartedly disagree with the concept that, in regards to CRT, every system is inherently racist," she stated. "Because if it were [inherently racist], I would not have the opportunity to be a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force in the Indiana Air National Guard; I wouldn't have the opportunity to be the commander [in the Guard]; and I wouldn't have the opportunity to be a United States Air Force Academy graduate."

Despite the Blue history of the district, Green thinks she's got a good chance of winning this fall and joining the expanding ranks of GOP conservatives in the House come January 2023.

"Voters know that 18 months ago we were better off," she offered. "[And they know] that Republican values of hard work and ownership and accountability are solid, practical tools for our country. I think it's going to be very clear that our members who reside in the 1st District are going to resound with that."

According to her campaign website, Green has been endorsed by Indiana Right to Life and Susan B. Anthony List; believes the Second Amendment is critical to Americans' liberty and safety; and supports school choice.