Caught on tape: Ballot-stuffing 'mules' coming to theatre near you

Caught on tape: Ballot-stuffing 'mules' coming to theatre near you

Caught on tape: Ballot-stuffing 'mules' coming to theatre near you

A new documentary promises to show the 2020 presidential election was not, in fact, the “most secure in American history” as Democrats claim. Meanwhile, a longtime ally of the former president says Donald Trump remains the leader of the Republican Party.

The soon-to-be-released documentary “2,000 Mules” promises to provide evidence the 2020 presidential election riddled with voter fraud thanks to video footage (pictured above) and cellphone tracking.

Produced by filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza, he worked closely with True the Vote to document how thousands of unsecured ballot drop-boxes – which were plentiful during the COVID-19 pandemic – became ground zero for blatant ballot box-stuffing leading up to Election Day.

The term “mules” refers to the people who dropped ballot after ballot after ballot into hundreds of unsecured drop boxes on city corners across the nation.

The unsecured ballot drop boxes must be videotaped per federal election law, so True the Vote was able to obtain millions of minutes of footage through open records requests. From that footage, the group ultimately identified 2,000 “mules” on camera.

Naming names? You bet …

Engelbrecht says her organization intends to turn over to law enforcement the names of individuals it believes were criminally responsible for election fraud in 2020.

"[The] people who are at the top of this scheme are truly the bad guys. They know exactly what they're doing," she states. "They're making sure the money goes from their coffers into the pockets of those who are willing to do their bidding. They know that the stakes they are playing for [and] they are well aware they are engaged in criminal behavior. This is organized crime – they are orchestrating the theft of the free world right underneath our noses."

It is "touchy," she adds, when it comes to releasing the identities of those in charge.

"All of that, of course, will be left to law enforcement … because if we just come out and say names, then we are going to be covered in lawsuits," says Engelbrecht. "So, we've got to be very strategic – and it makes much more sense to give these names to law enforcement where we are then protected and let them go public with it."

True the Vote leader Catherine Engelbrecht told Newsweek the group identified one “mule” in Georgia who dropped ballots in 27 boxes in six counties.

A total of 4.9 million votes were counted in Georgia, where Joe Biden officially won Georgia, and its 16 electoral votes, by approximately 11,800 votes.

Engelbrecht, Catherine (True the Vote) Engelbrecht

In an interview with AFN, Engelbrecht says the documentary provides proof of mass voting fraud that skeptics have been demanding since Election Day.

“I think, just alone what we have found, supports that there was enough problem in the system to generate a false outcome to the election,” she says. “And I think that's proven beyond a shadow of a doubt in the movie."

Donald Trump's claim the election was stolen is called "The Big Lie" by Democrats and by the national media. Since the election, Republican office holders and GOP candidates have been bullied by the media to agree there was no voter fraud or very little fraud, as if to state Trump was right is to be party to a conspiracy theory.

In addition to the video footage, Engelbrecht and True the Vote used cellphone-tracking data to track the movements of the mules. That information, known as geospatial technology, can be obtained legally from marketing firms. True the Vote says it paid $1 million to obtain it in five states – Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania – where Trump was ahead until the drop-box ballots were counted.

"The geospatial data was the driver," Engelbrecht told Newsweek, referring to matching the video footage with the geospatial data.

With that damning evidence to document voter fraud, Engelbrecht and True the Vote teamed up with D’Souza to put its allegation in a documentary form. “2,000 Mules” hits selected theatres May 2.

At the same time D’Souza’s film is expected to fire up GOP voters, Dr. Robert Jeffress, one of Trump’s former evangelical advisors, says the former president exerts “enormous influence” over the Republican Party in 2022.

Jeffress, Rev. Robert (FBC Dallas) Jeffress

“And I believe [Trump] will continue to do so,” Jeffress tells AFN. “How he chooses to use that power, I think it's a question that still remains.”

Jeffress, who pastors First Baptist Church in Dallas, famously surprised many when he endorsed Trump early in a crowded GOP primary. He remain a confidante of the president during his one term in the White House and predicts Trump would be the GOP nominee if he decides to run for the White House in 2024.

Regarding any questions about a stolen election, Jeffress says what was done to Donald Trump was not right but insists the goal now is to look ahead to 2024.

“I acknowledged that Joe Biden was the president of the United States. I said many of us don't like that but we have an obligation to pray for him,” he tells AFN. “And if we don't like the results of this election, we had to work to change the next election.”

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