Dems don't get it

Dems don't get it

Dems don't get it

Democrats continue to double down on their mistakes, and one conservative says it could hurt them badly in the midterms.

Former Obama campaign staffer Michael Slaby and journalist Matthew Yglesias agree that the Democrat Party's abysmal poll numbers are because the party has lurched too far to the left and lost its base. Yglesias writes that the party is losing voters because they do not see its "leftward evolution." Slaby says the Democrats spend too much time playing the blame game.

Regardless of the reason, the party's popularity is plummeting, and Gary Bauer of American Values submits that Democrats are not listening.

Bauer, Gary (American Values) Bauer

"The Democratic Party certainly does not get why they appear to be dropping steadily in all measurements among the American people," he tells American Family News.

According to party leaders, right-wing misinformation from Fox and an inability to communicate all of their successes is why everyone is leaving.

"The excuse they're giving -- that the American people are misinformed or just don't have enough information -- is really rich, given that the Democrats' whole strategy for some time now is to make sure the American people don't have all the information they need," Bauer contends.

But he says Democrats do have one thing right: Misinformation is a threat to democracy.

"There is a tremendous threat in America to free speech, to fact-based discussions about the big issues of the day, and those threats and that attack are coming from the political left," Bauer asserts.

If the Democrats fare as poorly as predicted in the upcoming midterm elections, he adds that they will not be able to say they were not warned.