Is Biden on his way out?

Is Biden on his way out?

Is Biden on his way out?

A columnist and family activist believes the Hunter Biden laptop scandal will eventually lead to the end of Joe Biden's presidency.

In his latest Washington Times piece, "From Hunter's Laptop to the LGBTQ Mouse and the White House,"  Robert Knight points out that The Washington Post and The New York Times have finally admitted the validity of Hunter Biden's laptop -- 16 months after the New York Post first broke the story.

Robert Knight Knight

"If Hunter Biden isn't indicted, the whole system looks corrupt," Knight submits. "There is so much there on the laptop that is actionable, or at the least questionable. We're talking about the son of the then-vice-president of the United States engaging in lucrative contracts with our enemy -- Communist China, along with Ukrainian companies and Russian companies. This looks like pure influence peddling."

So Knight believes this has serious consequences for the president.

"I don't think America has ever seen something so totalitarian in scope in terms of the crushing of political power by ruling elites who didn't want any competition," the columnist adds.

"I think the fact that The New York Times and Washington Post have now finally reported on this is a sign that they know that Joe Biden's on his way out, probably because of his mental condition, and they're paving their way to make the case that maybe he ought to step aside. I think it's a clear signal."

Knight's most recent column also predicts Democrats will soon make the case "that cackling Vice President Kamala Harris is a newly discovered fount of governing wisdom."