Why a Trump endorsement may not pan out

Why a Trump endorsement may not pan out

Why a Trump endorsement may not pan out

A political pundit says recent polls in Georgia's GOP gubernatorial primary reflect a pattern regarding Donald Trump's endorsements.

During a recent rally in Commerce, Georgia, former President Donald Trump drew a large crowd for GOP candidates in the Peach State as the May 24th primary draws near. Trump has endorsed former Senator David Perdue (pictured above) for governor against Republican incumbent Brian Kemp, as he does not believe Kemp took appropriate action in the wake of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.

But despite the endorsement, a compilation of GOP gubernatorial primary polls by RealClearPolitics shows Perdue trailing Kemp by nine points. Rob Chambers, vice president of AFA Action, says that could be because Perdue is not a strong conservative.

Chambers, Rob (AFA Action) Chambers

"The voter guide that AFA produces evaluated Perdue in the last election as leaning conservative, so there's evidence there that shows that he's certainly not a strong conservative candidate," Chambers notes. "That could be some reasoning for the lackluster support of Perdue over Kemp; they may not just see enough distinguishing differences between Kemp and Perdue."

And noting the 2020 Senate primary in Alabama, Chambers says not all of Trump's endorsements have resulted in wins.

"Trump endorsed Luther Strange, and Luther lost," the AFA spokesman recalls. "At that time, after Trump made the endorsement of Luther Strange, he says [he] may have made a mistake. And even more recent, former President Trump has said – quote – 'Hopefully David Perdue is going to win. These are not sure things.'"

Chambers submits that when Trump endorses grassroots conservatives, it works. But when he endorses lackluster candidates like Perdue or Strange, the endorsement falls flat.

Editor's Note: AFA Action is an affiliate of the American Family Association, the parent organization of the American Family News Network, which operates AFN.net.