Pastors back defender of faith, freedom

Pastors back defender of faith, freedom

Pastors back defender of faith, freedom

A group of more than 100 Ohio pastors is endorsing a conservative with strong Judeo-Christian values for the U.S. Senate.

Josh Mandel (pictured) is a Marine Corps veteran and a former treasurer for The Buckeye State. He is a strong supporter of President Donald Trump and believes that the 2020 election was stolen from the former president and the Americans who voted for him.

Now, as he seeks retiring Republican Rob Portman's Senate seat, 114 Ohio clergymen have announced that they are endorsing Mandel to defend faith, family, and freedom.

Church, JC (Victory in Truth Ministries) Church

"We have got to have bold, young, strong, courageous leaders who will speak truth to power," asserts group spokesman JC Church, founder and lead pastor of Victory in Truth Ministries, a non-denominational church in Bucyrus, Ohio. "Josh's record has shown that he has done so, and I think there is a desire for someone that is a little seasoned in this lane, with some experience in this space."

Church appreciates that Mandel has reached out to pastors across the state who stand for Christian values. 

"As he often says in his speeches with the Constitution in one hand and the Bible in the other hand, he wants those to be his guiding documents in how he will try to lead as a senator," the pastor relays. "That seems to resonate pretty well. There's a lot of candidates in this race, but that kind of boils it down to some of things that I'm hearing and where we stand."

According to a Trafalgar Group poll taken last month, Mandel had a five-point lead over the second-place finisher among GOP primary contestants. 

The primary is scheduled for May 3rd.