Polls show Biden a sinking ship but White House has 'reset' plan

Polls show Biden a sinking ship but White House has 'reset' plan

Polls show Biden a sinking ship but White House has 'reset' plan

The stunning collapse of Joe Biden’s presidency, which is happening in real time right now, is being reflected in poll numbers that show frustrated voters are abandoning the failing president and Democratic Party leaders in Congress. At the White House, meanwhile, the plan is to remind the unenlightened public how great Biden really is.

In recent days, American Family News reported on a Quinnipiac poll showing Biden with a rock-bottom 33% approval rating. 

Now comes a Gallup poll that shows Republicans ended 2021 with a 5-point edge over Democrats among U.S. voters. A year ago, when Biden was sworn in after claiming he won a historic 81.2-million votes, Democrats were enjoying a 9-point advantage when Biden promised to "unite" the country and "shut down" the virus.

According to the Gallup poll, which surveyed 12,416 adults in all 50 states, the American public has swung to the GOP by 15 points in a year.

Democrat lawmakers, expecting an Election Day drubbing, are packing up their belongings rather than begin 2023 in the minority. This week, two more Democrats announced they are not seeking re-election which brings that growing number to 28 --- and counting.

But the White House has a plan. According to an NBC News story, the Biden administration is attempting a “reset” at the White House in which Biden will attempt in the new year to show empathy with ordinary Americans. That is the President’s “greatest strength,” a White House aide told NBC News, but he has been too busy negotiating with lawmakers on Capitol Hill to show it.  

Rob Chambers, a political analyst at the American Family Association, says the shift in public opinion boils down to two key words. “And it’s Biden-Harris,” he says. “People are paying more for gas at the pump. They're paying much more for groceries at the grocery store."

Democrat lawmakers and their strategists have traditionally called basics such as gas and groceries “kitchen-table” issues, a term meant to show they empathize with working-class families trying to keep food in the fridge and gas in the minivan.  Over the last year, however, the price of unleaded gas has skyrocketed, grocery prices have jumped, and the store shelves in some cities are literally empty.

Responding to those real-life problems, White House press secretary Jen Psaki has said higher gas prices are good for pushing Americans to “clean energy” and electric automobiles. The rising cost of pork, poultry and beef is being blamed on “Big Meat” companies that are “profiteering” from the pandemic.

Chambers, Rob (AFA Action) Chambers

Faced with such a harsh reality, 37% of American voters gave Biden an “F” grade in a Politico/Morning Consult poll. Only 11% gave him an “A” in the survey of 2,005 registered voters. The same poll showed a disapproval rating of 56% for Biden. 

According to Chambers, if Senate Democrats fail to take over federal elections like they are planning, and Election Day remains fair this fall, there is a “shellacking” coming for the Democratic Party across the country.