A lawless president, cornered by reality, accused of embracing evil

A lawless president, cornered by reality, accused of embracing evil

A lawless president, cornered by reality, accused of embracing evil

A former U.S. Navy chaplain, and a veteran of Washington politics, are reaching the same conclusion about Joe Biden and his administration: They pose a lawless threat to the nation.

On behalf of Navy SEAL clients, First Liberty Institute won a temporary injunction that stopped the Dept. of Defense from forcing 35 sailors to roll up a sleeve for the COVID-19 vaccine. The U.S. Navy, however, is ignoring that court decision and is discharging other Navy personnel from the service. If those sailors keep refusing The Jab, thousands could be discharged in coming months. 

"I think this is lawlessness,” warns Navy veteran Gordon Klingenschmitt.

Klingenschmitt, Gordon (former Navy chaplain) Klingenschmitt

According to The Military Times, the Navy discharged 20 sailors in early January to mark its first forced “separation” from their military service.

That same story acknowledges that a federal judge’s order is protecting the 35 SEALS from disciplinary action, which is a reference to the First Liberty lawsuit. The story curiously calls the federal court fight a “tricky time” for the Navy and the Pentagon since it is kicking out other sailors who are not named as plaintiffs in the lawsuit.

The story went on to admit the Navy has yet to grant even one of 3,009 religious accommodation requests it has received from sailors. Religious accommodation was central to the First Liberty lawsuit, and Judge Reed O’Connor sided with First Liberty in a written decision that blistered the Dept. of Defense for ignoring religious rights.

“There is no military exclusion,” Judge O’Connor wrote, “from our Constitution."

Bauer: Biden choosing side of evil

At the same time the Navy is booting sailors, even when its own vaccinated sailors are spreading the virus to others, longtime political activist Gary Bauer sees a bigger issue facing the American public. From the southern border and the U.S. Constitution, to America’s foreign enemies and crime-plagued streets, he says the Biden administration is choosing evil over good. Again and again. 

Bauer, Gary (American Values) Bauer

“I’ve been noticing that, time after time, when the president has a choice of coming down on the side of law-abiding American citizens, or somebody else,” Bauer says, “[Biden] always comes down on the side of somebody else.”

The American public is watching what is happening to their country, Klingenschmitt says, which is why Biden’s poll numbers are “dropping like a rock.”