Votes are in: Liz Cheney 'delusional' about a possible WH bid

Votes are in: Liz Cheney 'delusional' about a possible WH bid

Republican Congresswoman Liz Cheney, now in her third term as Wyoming's only representative in the U.S. House, is somewhat of an outlier in her own party.

Votes are in: Liz Cheney 'delusional' about a possible WH bid

A longtime conservative political activist says the GOP's Liz Cheney is daydreaming if she thinks she can get elected president in 2024. In fact, he predicts she won't even be able to retain her current seat in the House of Representatives.


During a recent broadcast, Tucker Carlson on Fox News Channel pointed out that in recent weeks the Wyoming congresswoman has been seen "wandering around" downtown Manchester, New Hampshire – fueling speculation that she plans to run for president of the United States in 2024:

Carlson: "[Liz Cheney] believes she has a shot at the Republican nomination for president – and she believed that fervently enough to fly to Manchester, New Hampshire in the middle of November …. What can we conclude from this behavior? Not looking at what she says, but what she's doing … and the only answer is Liz Cheney is delusional."

Gary Bauer, chairman of Campaign for Working Families, agrees with the Fox News host.

Bauer, Gary (American Values) Bauer

"She's going to be totally swamped," Bauer says, assessing Cheney's electability. "It's very doubtful that she will win re-election to the United States House next November. So, if she tries [to get re-elected] and gets clobbered – which I believe she would – if she then decided to run on a third-party ticket, she's not going to be supported by Mitch McConnell or anybody else in the Republican Party who's in a leadership position."

According to Bauer, the party leaders know what's at stake in 2024 – and that her run on a third-party ticket could essentially guarantee the country's continued demise.

"They would all understand that her candidacy as a third-party ticket would deliver this country into the hands of the far-left, socialist progressives for four more years," he tells AFN. "So, I think she's delusional."

The three-term congresswoman is already somewhat of an outlier in the GOP. Earlier this year, Cheney was ousted by her own party as the #3 Republican in the U.S. House – and twice was rebuked by a committee of the Wyoming Republican Party. She was among the ten Republicans who voted in January to impeach President Donald Trump; and now is one of two Republicans on the nine-member January 6 Committee – a committee that Tucker Carlson described in his report as the American version of "a Soviet show trial."