Bauer: Trump sure sounds like he is eyeing second run

Bauer: Trump sure sounds like he is eyeing second run

Bauer: Trump sure sounds like he is eyeing second run

A veteran of Republican politics is making a prediction: Donald Trump will run for president in 2024.

Polling continues to look bad for President Joe Biden, even among Democrats, who are telling pollsters they want someone other than the shuffling, gaffe-prone president to be the Democratic nominee in two years. A survey of 1,013 registered voters found only 22% want Biden to seek a second term.

The next in line for the nomination would normally be the vice president but Kamala Harris is herself in trouble. She is unpopular among voters, too, according to the polls, and she is witnessing her fleeing White House staffers run to the national media to describe their former boss as a bullying, disorganized mess.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has been hinting he intends to attempt a comeback. 

Bauer, Gary (American Values) Bauer

“If you love the country, you have no choice,” Trump said in Dec. 2 an interview with GB News when asked about seeking a second term.

Gary Bauer, who leads the Campaign for Working Families, tells American Family News his “gut instinct” is that Trump is preparing to run based, in part, on election “shenanigans” that helped Biden.

“And I believe the most effective argument that has been made for Donald Trump, in an ‘American First’ policy, has been made by Joe Biden and his ‘American Last’ policy,” Bauer says. “Now they've been reminded what ‘America Last’ looks like.”

American Family News recently reported Trump is overseeing a new media company, Trump Media and Technology, an effort that could be part of a planned run for the White House or an attempt to influence the Republican primary from the sidelines.