If rules don't matter, America's lost

If rules don't matter, America's lost

If rules don't matter, America's lost

Looking ahead to the 2022 midterm elections, a former Justice Department attorney remains concerned about election integrity.

As American Family News has reported, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF) has filed a complaint and motion for an injunction against the Fairfax County General Registrar and three members of the Fairfax County Election Board for violating Virginia election law. PILF is representing plaintiffs who are concerned about potential voter fraud in the upcoming governor's race and state legislative contests.

Adams, J. Christian (PILF) Adams

J. Christian Adams, a former DOJ attorney who is now president of PILF, says the courts are now "the last bulwark against chaos."

"The law is an ancient and very important thing," he asserts. "It's what separates the United States, and frankly the West, from so many other countries around the world. And when we lose that guiding principle that rules matter, we're lost."

Adams remains concerned looking past Virginia and on to the 2022 midterms.

"I'm afraid that in next year's midterms we're going to face another example, as we did before, of people just breaking the rules who are in charge of enforcing the rules," he says. "That is not how to run a country. That's not how to run a congressional election."

During last year's election cycle, many Democrat-led counties cited the virus pandemic for loosening, dropping, and outright ignoring state election laws meant to ensure fair elections and accurate ballot counting. And now Adams says election officials in Fairfax County are again ignoring clear laws about how to run the election.