A 'revealing moment' for Terry McAuliffe

A 'revealing moment' for Terry McAuliffe

A 'revealing moment' for Terry McAuliffe

A conservative activist says the Democrat candidate for governor of Virginia recently confirmed his thinking that the state "owns the children."

American Family News has reported that during the recent Virginia gubernatorial debate, Republican Glenn Youngkin challenged former Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe (pictured), who was governor 2014-2018, for vetoing a bill that would have allowed parents to be informed about materials provided in Virginia schools, including books featuring pedophilia and other sexually explicit content.

Robert Knight Knight

"You believe school systems should tell children what to do," said Youngkin. "I believe that parents should be in charge of their education."

McAuliffe, however, defended the veto, saying, "I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach."

That does not surprise Robert Knight, a conservative activist in Virginia and a columnist for The Washington Times.

"McAuliffe is for every Democrat scheme under the sun to turn our nation into a socialist country," Knight asserts. "I think this was a revealing moment that he probably would like to take back because it reveals too much. Democrats are always paying lip service. Parents are partners in education, but they don't really believe it. They believe the state owns the children, and that settles it."

Knight adds that northern Virginia is full of big-government bureaucrats who will vote for McAuliffe's radical agenda.