Trump still fiery after GA loss and polls still mirror his frustration

Trump still fiery after GA loss and polls still mirror his frustration

Donald Trump listens as U.S. Senate candidate Herschel Walker speaks at the "Save America" rally on Sept. 25 in Perry, Ga. 

Trump still fiery after GA loss and polls still mirror his frustration

Donald Trump is not backing down from voter fraud claims as evidenced by a fiery weekend speech, a view that is shared by many Republican voters and denied by Democrats who call it the “Big Lie.”

Trump spoke to an overflow crowd Saturday night in Perry, Georgia, where the “Save America” rally was held at the Georgia National Fairgrounds. The event also featured U.S. Senate candidate Hershel Walker and other GOP candidates who are seeking to boot fellow GOP office holders who angered the former president and their own voters over the election outcome 10 months ago.  

“We never forgot 2020,” Trump told the crowd at one point. “Just in case you have any question, we’re not forgetting.”

Trump ripped the Biden administration but he also took repeated swipes at top Republican state officials, whom Trump blames for allowing the “red” state to go to Joe Biden due to voter fraud, The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

Responding to Trump’s speech, Rob Chambers of AFA Action says the former president was within his rights to point out fellow Republicans allowed Democrats to steal Georgia’s 11 electoral votes.

“Voter fraud paid the pathway,” Chambers says, “arguably for Trump to lose that state.”

Republican voters have said as much in polling numbers. As recently as June, a third of people in a Monmouth University survey said Biden won because of fraud. That figure was unchanged from the same poll conducted last November, and again in January and March.

Republicans voters who know Democrats call their claims the "Big Lie" also know the other political party was willing to believe that Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, helped Trump win the White House in 2016. 

Chambers, Rob (AFA Action) Chambers

Georgia is also home to former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who still claims she was denied the governor's office in 2018 due to underhanded "voter suppression" conducted by Republicans. 

After the state’s electoral votes went to Biden, Georgia’s GOP officials insisted the election was conducted fairly and legally, and ballot recounts concluded Biden won by approximately 12,000 votes. It was only months later that public officials pointed fingers at Democrat hotbed Fulton County, which includes Atlanta, where a lawsuit was filed in May by two GOP election auditors who want to unseal and review nearly 150,000 absentee ballots.

A judge tossed out most of their lawsuit over the summer but, just last week, the Journal-Constitution was reporting Judge Brian Amero set a 20-day deadline for state election investigators to update the court on any investigations related to the claim that counterfeit ballots were counted in Fulton County.

Biden won Fulton County 72%-26% over Trump last November after the county went for Hillary Clinton 69%-27% in 2016. Biden picked up approximately 98,300 more ballots than Clinton.

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