AZ lawmaker: Media laughing but election issues deserve scrutiny

AZ lawmaker: Media laughing but election issues deserve scrutiny

AZ lawmaker: Media laughing but election issues deserve scrutiny

An Arizona state lawmaker says the national media may be mocking a forensic audit in the state, where Joe Biden officially defeated Donald Trump, but he insists real problems are being ignored in the name of mocking Donald Trump.

The forensic audit in Maricopa County was commissioned by Republicans in the Arizona Senate who were under pressure to act after the GOP-leaning county broke for Biden last year.

Results that were released last week alleged questionable inconsistencies including signature verification on mail-in ballots; the accuracy of voter rolls; the security of election systems; and questionable post-election record-keeping that is ripe for fraud and abuse. 

In an appearance on American Family Radio, State Rep. Jake Hoffman shrugged off national media stories that reported Biden not only won Arizona but the audit literally added ballots to his winning total.

“Here's what we actually found: There were questionable votes, some highly questionable and concerning votes,” he advised, “totaling nearly 57,000.”

Biden squeaked out a 49%-48% Arizona win over Trump last November, giving him 11 electoral votes in a state Trump won 48%-44% over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Hoffman, State Rep. Jake (R-Arizona) Hoffman

Regarding Biden’s narrow win, Hoffman said 57,000 questionable ballots is a legitimate concern if people will be honest about the audit.

The months-long review was conducted by Florida-based firm Cyber Ninjas at the direction of the Arizona State Senate.

“That's the number-one takeaway,” Hoffman told show host Sandy Rios, “is that there are questionable votes here that equal four to five times the margin of victory."

On her show, Rios played audio footage from MSNBC in which the network laughingly reported that the audit resulted in Biden gaining votes and Trump losing several hundred.

“What we’re finding is that the media is in spin mode right now,” Hoffman said of those media stories. “The Left is in spin mode right now because they don’t like what the outcome was.”

A draft report by Cyber Ninjas was leaked to the media before its official release, which was scheduled for last Friday, Sept. 24. Those media headlines openly mocked the audit for spending millions of dollars and hundreds of man hours only to confirm Biden legally won Maricopa County and the state itself.

Much like reporting a touchdown but not a holding call, many left-leaning media reported on Biden’s official win but either ignored or downplayed the accusations cited by the Cyber Ninjas.

According to the right-leaning Epoch Times, however, the final report found 23,344 mail-in ballots were received from a voter’s previous address, and another 9,041 ballots were returned by voters than were sent to them.

In yet another example, Cyber Ninjas found approximately 5,395 ballots were affected by voters who allegedly voted in multiple counties.

Each allegation of questionable, mismatched, and incomplete ballots was refuted by election officials with an explanation, the Epoch Times reported.

The bottom line, Hoffman concluded, is that Arizona remains open to more allegations of election fraud unless the issues raised by the audit are addressed rather than ignored or mocked.