Migrant surge straining local resources

Migrant surge straining local resources

Migrant surge straining local resources

A Texas-based public policy advocate is praising Governor Gregg Abbott (R) for pushing back against President Biden's open borders policies that are putting American citizens at risk.

Fox News reports that Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas traveled to Del Rio, Texas on Monday for a briefing on how the Biden administration is responding to a migrant surge in the area.

Del Rio has become ground zero for Joe Biden's border crisis, where a recent drone video shows a massive sea of humanity under the International Bridge. Town officials say the unprecedented influx of illegals has strained local emergency services and law enforcement to the point that local residents who call for an ambulance or police are told help is unavailable because they are dealing with migrants. According to a Texas Public Policy Foundation video on the topic, local citizens are frustrated.

Roberts, Kevin (Texas Public Policy Foundation) Roberts

Kevin Roberts, chief executive officer of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, says this crisis is clearly the result of the Biden administration's irresponsible open borders policies.

"It's certainly the plan of the administration to have not just hundreds of thousands, but probably at least a few million illegal immigrants come into places like Texas and hopefully prevent Texas from continuing its own great policies and electoral results," Roberts suspects.

Even so, he remains optimistic.

"We're winning on the policy front, and I think that, number one, if governors like our governor in Texas continue to step up against the federal government and take state action on issues like the border crisis that the federal government has created, I think it's going to give us the time to get to the next election," Roberts submits.

By that point, he believes American will be "totally fed up" with the Biden-Harris administration and turn out conservative majorities in the House and in the U.S. Senate.