Dems defeated in special session

Dems defeated in special session

Dems defeated in special session

A former Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas is pleased that her state has finally advanced important measures aimed at preventing voter fraud.


Texas Democrats have failed to prevent the state's House of Representatives from approving voter integrity measures. By a 79-37 mostly party line vote, the bill passed and now goes back to the Senate, which already signed off on a similar measure this month. The Democrats had stalled the measure's passage in the House by fleeing the state for 38 days. But when they finally returned, they were defeated in the special session.

Adams, Cathie (TX Eagle Forum) Adams

"We as Texans are very happy to have a voter ID and to have the open and easily accessible voting system that we have, and we are very pleased that our state legislature is wanting to make sure that they are also secure elections," Cathie Adams tells American Family News. "No more drive-by. No more voting 24 hours a day. These kinds of things have been happening before in Texas." 

She says the 2020 presidential election was a major factor in the GOP's push for voter integrity in The Lone Star State.

"These mail-in ballots this last election not only stole the election from Donald Trump, but it nearly lost the state of Texas to the Democrats, which is a big, big goal that they have," Adams asserts. "It took a lot of work on the part of the Republicans in order to have a free and fair election, and that was against tremendous odds last election."

Governor Greg Abbott (R) is expected to sign the bill once it has been finalized.