Could Virginia's political tide be changing?

Could Virginia's political tide be changing?

Could Virginia's political tide be changing?

A pro-life leader hopes the emergence of a strong conservative in her politically liberal state will spur voters into action to change Virginia for the better.

A recent poll reported by The Hill shows Republican Glen Youngkin, a businessman who stepped down from his position as CEO of The Carlyle Group to run for office, is only two percentage points behind former Governor Terry McAuliffe, a liberal Democrat for whom 47% of likely voters said they would vote. 8% of those polled were undecided.

Olivia Turner, president of the Virginia Society for Human Life, says Virginians are familiar with McAuliffe.

Turner, Olivia (VSHL) Turner

"Pro-life people in particular in Virginia know that he is the champion of the extremist agenda that we've seen shoved through our General Assembly since 2019," Turner details. "We know that the pro-abortion forces that have control want to strip out every pro-life law that stands still on the books in Virginia."

A sizable percentage, she laments, has already been eliminated, which she says highlights the importance for pro-lifers to show up on Election Day in November.

"Controlling the General Assembly through the House of Delegates by replacing the pro-abortion majority with pro-life candidates will make an extraordinarily positive difference on protecting pro-life laws, and maybe even advancing new pro-life laws," Turner continues.

With the election only about three months away, she recognizes that the poll figures have plenty of time to change. So Turner is encouraging voters to organize and get active in getting conservative, pro-life candidates into office.