Shame on the 'Biden regime'

Shame on the 'Biden regime'

Shame on the 'Biden regime'

A tea party leader says we the people and the Justice Department should be ashamed of the way the latter is treating some Americans.

In a story so far completely ignored by the mainstream media, the Biden Justice Department has kept dozens of people detained for months because they were at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. Many have not been charged with any crime, but because they supported Donald Trump, they remain in solitary confinement.

"I think all Americans should be totally ashamed of what the Biden regime is doing to the people who were arrested for their activities in D.C. on January 6th," submits Tom Zawistowski, president of the tea party-affiliated We the People Convention.

The fact that the prisoners are being held in solitary confinement, he adds, is "totally unacceptable."

"We the people need to stand up and call our congressmen and call our senators and demand an investigation into this," he contends. "They did not do this to the 'protestors' -- quote, unquote -- who were really rioters last year in 2020 who were burning down our cities."

Those people, Zawistowski recalls, were not charged and were released the same night they were arrested.