Noem's not the one

Noem's not the one

Noem's not the one

A pro-family activist and political pundit is not excited about the prospect of South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem being a presidential candidate in 2024.

Noem recently flew to McAllen, Texas to visit the roughly 50 South Dakota National Guard troops she deployed to the U.S. southern border to help deal with the flood of illegal aliens crossing into the United States because of Joe Biden's open border policy.

Next month she will be in Anderson, South Carolina to speak at the Faith & Freedom BBQ. The Palmetto State is the first southern state to cast Republican primary votes for president – a fact that is fueling speculation that Noem is possibly mulling a 2024 presidential bid.

"I would not be excited for her as a candidate," admits Rob Chambers, vice president of AFA Action, the political arm of the American Family Association. "I think that she has shown that she demonstrates the lack of ability to push back against the moderate to liberal wing of the Republican Party. It appears to be that she has really cozied up to Rona McDaniel, the chair of the Republican Party."

And Chambers notes that Noem did not do well in the recent CPAC straw poll of potential 2024 Republican presidential candidates, where she received only 1% of the vote.

"Rona McDaniel and the GOP establishment would really like to see Kristi Noem, but I think she comes nowhere near former President Trump or even current Governor Ron DeSantis," the AFA Action spokesman continues. "I don't think she would be a pick that would excite conservatives or evangelical voters at the ballot box, especially in the primary."

Trump received 70% of the vote in the CPAC poll, and DeSantis received 21%.

Editor's Note: AFA Action is an affiliate of the American Family Association, the parent organization of the American Family News Network, which operates AFN.net.