VA voters too awake to be hoodwinked now

VA voters too awake to be hoodwinked now

VA voters too awake to be hoodwinked now

A conservative activist and columnist agrees that a Virginia House race could play a major role in determining whether the GOP wins back the lower house of Congress next year.

The National Republican Congressional Committee considers two-term Democrat Abigail Spanberger of Virginia's seventh congressional district to be vulnerable. Republican Taylor Keeney, a first-time candidate and mother of two children, wants to challenge Spanberger, whose liberal policies, Keeney says, are hurting families.

Ohio politics: Dem could lose seat after GOP redraws district

The state of Ohio is losing a congressional seat after the 2020 census, dropping from 16 districts to 15, and a conservative political activist says the political fight is just starting over new boundary lines that could eliminate a veteran Democrat.

The current number of congressional lawmakers from Ohio is 12 Republicans and four Democrats, advises Tom Zawistowski, and the political buzz is that Rep. Marcia Kaptur’s district is on the chopping block, he tells One News Now.

“When they redistrict,” he says of the GOP-led state legislators, “there’ll be 12 Republicans and three Democrats.”

Rep. Kaptur represents the 9th District which includes counties Erie and Ottawa, and the cities of Toledo and Cleveland. She is also one of the longest-serving female lawmakers in Congress after first being elected in 1982, which was Ronald Reagan’s first term as president.

"A lot us were kind of surprised when Abigail Spanberger beat Representative Dave Bratt (R), who was a very articulate conservative who had beaten the majority leader of the House for not being conservative enough a couple of years before that," recalls Robert Knight, a conservative activist who lives in Virginia and a columnist for The Washington Times. "She barely got by defeating a conservative delegate, Nick Freitas, by under two percentage points last year.

Robert Knight Knight

Knight realized that Spanberger is not everything the media made her out to be, and he predicts she will lose in 2022.

"She's no moderate," Knight asserts. "She voted to impeach Trump twice. She voted along with Nancy Pelosi on anything Pelosi really wanted. She's a dyed-in-the-wool liberal posing as a moderate because she had a CIA background."

But he does not think "it's going to wash anymore" and foresees Republicans recapturing that seat "as part of a very good opportunity to recapture the House."