'Sedition' flops for Jan. 6 rioters but many still behind bars

'Sedition' flops for Jan. 6 rioters but many still behind bars

'Sedition' flops for Jan. 6 rioters but many still behind bars

The so-called Jan. 6 “insurrectionists” who are languishing in solitary confinement in the nation’s capital have a vocal ally: a godfather of GOP politics who is unashamed to defend the Trump-supporting defendants despite their controversial actions.

Longtime conservative activist Richard Viguerie tells One News Now he is spreading the word about a July 17 rally in D.C. near the Central Detention Facility, where the 50-plus prisoners are being held.    

The rally is sponsored by Look Ahead America, which held arally in June near the U.S. Dept. of Justice to defend Jan. 6 defendants who, if one believes many lawmakers and the left-wing media, tried to overthrow democracy with pepper spray and stun guns. But the original plans by the Dept of Justice to charge the rioters with sedition --- a plan cheered by the Left --- have all but failed, One News Now has learned. 

Viguerie, whose own D.C. activism dates back to the 1970s, says many of the prisoners are charged with minor offenses but are being held without bail. Others have not even been charged with a crime, he says, but prosecutors are hoping to wear them down.

That sickening tactic, he says, makes it political imprisonment akin to Gestapo tactics or the KGB.

“It’s just outrageous,” he says, “and I'm shocked that the Democrats are doing this."

Dems milked Jan. 6, not done yet

Now that six months have passed since January 6, the public has witnessed lawmakers claim they feare for their safety and erect fencing and razor wire, and bring in thousands of National Guard troops, to protect them from a right-wing, Trump-supporting threat that never materialized.

Democrats on Capitol Hill also accused their Republican colleagues of aiding the rioters: Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Josh Hawley were hit with an “ethics complaint” filed by Senate Democrats because the senators objected to certifying some electoral results. Their objections, the Democrats claimed, “made future violence more likely.”

On the six-month anniversary of Jan. 6, the Capitol Police announced it is opening regional field offices in California and Florida to protect members of Congress through its Dignitary Protection Division. More offices in other states were expected, USA Today reported last week. 

Democrats and their media allies have also brazenly exaggerated or outright lied about the controversial riot, from claiming that rioters killed Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick to vaguely reporting five people died that day (Four people died of natural causes and the only one killed, Ashli Babbitt, died from after a police officer shot her in the neck).

In a Jan. 21 story, NPR said federal prosecutors planned to charge the “insurrectionist mob” with a “mind-blowing” list of charges, ranging from murder to sedition, and the NPR story suggested legal experts agree the Dept. of Justice can make a “strong case” to use the rarely-used charge of sedition.

Last month, in a June 24 story, CNN reported no one has been charged with sedition and the Dept. of Justice did not plan to do so.

This week, in a July 13 story, The Associated Press reported that admitted QAnon supporter Douglas Jensen was released to house arrest pending trial on a charge of civil disorder and a charge of assaulting, resisting, or impeding a law enforcement officer.

When he was arraigned in February, Jensen was facing seven federal charges, including two counts of entering the Capitol with a deadly weapon, an Iowa news website reported at the time.

Jensen’s defense attorney told a federal judge his attorney was deeply caught up in the “Q” belief that members of Congress and Mike Pence would be arrested that day. Despite the defendant’s biazarre beliefs, the judge agreed Jensen did not damage property or fight Capitol police on Jan. 6, the AP said.

According to Viguerie, Republicans in Congress were embarrassed by what happened Jan. 6 and now, half a year later, they are staying far away from it.

“Anything being done is being done by the conservatives,” Viguerie says.