Lawmakers to Biden, et al.: Don't experiment on our national heroes

Lawmakers to Biden, et al.: Don't experiment on our national heroes

Lawmakers to Biden, et al.: Don't experiment on our national heroes

A letter to the secretary of Veterans Affairs, signed by dozens of House members, accuses the VA of enacting a policy change the lawmakers argue is "wholly incompatible" with the agency's mission to honor America's veterans.

The Biden administration continues to lurch to the left, this time allowing taxpayer dollars to be used to cement sexual confusion in in the military. Under a directive from the administration that was announced in mid-June, the Department of Veterans Affairs will cover gender-mutilation surgery and other treatments for "gender identity disorder," a mental condition listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders.

In response to that announcement, Congressman Matt Rosendale (R-Montana) described it as "an absolute disgrace" that President Joe Biden and VA Secretary Denis McDonough were advocating such surgeries be funded by taxpayer funds.

"This is yet another radical policy proposal by an administration with no concern for the reality of its harmful effects on those suffering from mental illness who have sacrificed for our country," he said at the time.

Rosendale, Rep. Matt (R-Montana) Rosendale

During an interview Monday on American Family Radio, Rosendale pointed out that those who suffer from gender identity disorder have much poorer outcomes than healthy people.

"They have increased mortality and psychiatric hospitalizations compared to their peers," the GOP lawmaker stated. "But even after the surgery, they have not seen any benefit or decrease in their needs – and we haven't even seen a decrease in the rate of suicides."

Rosendale and more than 130 of his Republican colleagues have written a letter to Secretary McDonough stating their strong opposition to the funding. The June 28 letter points out the VA is already struggling to serve the veterans it sees now.

"The Veteran's Administration hasn't been able to deliver on service-related injuries," Rosendale said during the radio interview. "And to take this additional step, to start providing surgery for sex changes, is quite disturbing at a time when our veterans aren't getting the benefits that they earned, that they were promised, that they deserve."

He also pointed out this isn't the first time the funding has been proposed. "This policy is so radical that the Obama administration had proposed it," he noted, "and within weeks they withdrew it because they recognized that they were heading down a very, very bad path."

The letter concluded with the argument that taxpayer dollars should be used for "improving the health and well-being of our nation's heroes – not experimenting on them."