US-based Hindu nationalists caught promoting Christian persecution

US-based Hindu nationalists caught promoting Christian persecution

US-based Hindu nationalists caught promoting Christian persecution

A coalition of interfaith leaders in Texas is calling for an investigation into an organization that's raising money specifically for the destruction of Christian churches in India.

About a month ago, the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) held a fundraiser in Frisco, Texas. On its flyer for the event, "the destruction of illegal Christian churches" was listed among its goals. In response, pastors and supporters of the Washington, DC-based Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations in North America (FIACONA) are calling for an investigation.

Though Christian churches are specifically targeted on the flyer, independent journalist Pieter Friedrich says Christians are not the only ones in danger.

Friedrich, Pieter Friedrich

"This organization is pushing such an agenda at a time … when religious minorities in India, especially Muslims and Christians, are facing an impending genocide at the hands of the country's currently predominating Hindu supremacist movement," Friedrich notes.

Hindus comprise more than 80% of India's population, while about 2% are Christians and about 15% are Muslims.

Friedrich says few in America are aware of the extremist Hindu sect or of the war it has waged on people of other faiths in South Asia.

"It has described Christian pastors as leeches and has painted the entire Muslim community as engaging in persistent terrorism," he relays.

Hindu terrorists have also slaughtered 1,000-2,000 Muslims in a revenge killing and have burned alive a Christian missionary and his two sons from Australia.

Meanwhile, Friedrich points out that it is illegal for a non-profit in America to raise money for genocide.

"The GHHS is not only promoting this agenda in India, but also doing it from the free soil of the United States of America," he tells AFN.

Last year, Open Doors USA ranked India as the 10th most dangerous nation for Christian persecution, and Christian persecution watchdog Voice of the Martyrs labels India as a "hostile" country because of efforts by extremist Hindu organizations to forcibly "unite" India under Hinduism.