Chinese pastor continues to count it all as loss

Chinese pastor continues to count it all as loss

Chinese pastor continues to count it all as loss

An organization that believes religious freedom is the first freedom that lays the foundation for all other basic human rights is encouraging believers to pray for their brother who is in prison again..

Jonathan Dingler of ChinaAid tells American Family News that Chen Wensheng is not exactly known for his preaching.

"Chen has a long history of actually being a drug addict and a gangster," Dingler continues. "He spent a lot of time when he was lost threatening people, obviously struggled with narcotics until he found Jesus, and Jesus completely turned his life around."

After he was saved, Wensheng led his mother to Christ, and she even joined him in street preaching until police got tired of it.

"Chen has had over 100 detentions in the years that he's been doing this," the ChinaAid spokesman reports. "He's not coy; he's not shy about sharing his faith. He carries actually a cross that says, 'Repent' and it says that 'God loves you' in Chinese."

Hengyang police have pleaded with him to stop spreading the gospel, as the government considers it to be illegal evangelism, but Wensheng does not seem to mind incarceration. Most recently he was arrested on March 5th for preaching the gospel, and with no word on his whereabouts, he is presumably still behind bars. So ChinaAid is asking the body of Christ to keep Chen Wensheng lifted up in prayer.