China writes a check, signed in blood, for U.S.-made propaganda

China writes a check, signed in blood, for U.S.-made propaganda

China writes a check, signed in blood, for U.S.-made propaganda

China’s communist government has hired a U.S. firm to spread propaganda on social media before the Beijing Winter Olympics but a human rights activist says that act smells like desperation from an evil and unpopular regime.

Vippi Media, a New Jersey-based firm, has deposited a $300,000 check from China’s government to spread that money among well-known social media personalities on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch.

The financial deal was reported by The Washington Free Beacon, among other news outlets, after China’s consulate in New York City filed mandatory papers under the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Reggie Littlejohn, who leads the group Stop the Genocide Games, says the pre-Olympics campaign is very telling. It means, she says, the Chinese Communist Party recognizes it does not have the support of the American public despite the popularity of the Olympic games. 

“And so they have to pay people to try to support their position,” she says. “It’s really pathetic. That’s what it is.”

According to the Free Beacon report, the contract requires Vippi to hire eight so-called “influencers” who must publish at least 24 posts about the China-hosted Winter Olympics, about Beijing’s history, and about U.S.-China relations.

Littlejohn, Reggie (Women's Rights Without Frontiers) Littlejohn

The contract even specifies that 20% of social media content should focus on “cooperation and any good things in China-U.S. relations.”

American Family News reported in a Dec. 14 story that U.S. corporations Coca-Cola, Visa, and others are spending millions on Winter Olympics advertising. They are also willingly ignoring China’s ongoing atrocities against its own people to do so.

China's leaders have a long history of committing “genocide” against their own citizens, Littlejohn says, and it sure appears public opinion has turned against them.