Human rights group: CCP deserves much worse than 'diplomatic' boycott

Human rights group: CCP deserves much worse than 'diplomatic' boycott

Human rights group: CCP deserves much worse than 'diplomatic' boycott

The Biden administration says it is boycotting the Winter Olympics in China next year due to that country’s horrific record of abusing its citizens but a human rights activist says it should be quite easy to completely boycott an evil regime that imprisons and tortures its own people.

On Monday, the White House press secretary announced the U.S. will not send any “diplomatic or official representation” to Beijing in February, citing “ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity.”

That announcement is not an official U.S. boycott of the games, however, and U.S. athletes will be attending with the “full support” of their country, Jen Psaki told White House reporters.

Reggie Littlejohn, whose group Women’s Rights Without Frontiers documents human rights atrocities in China, tells American Family News the Chinese government hasn’t even issued an invitation to the U.S. to attend the games yet.

“And we think that's going to have an effect?” she says of the boycott. “It's going to have no effect whatsoever.”

Boycotting the games should not even be up for debate, Littlejohn says, because the U.S. is a signatory to the Genocide Convention which requires that countries causing genocide be punished. So a diplomatic boycott, she argues, is not punishment when the Chinese Communist Party will use the games to its own advantage.

Littlejohn, Reggie (Women's Rights Without Frontiers) Littlejohn

The list of China’s abuses is a long one dating back decades, such as jailing church pastors and using political prisoners in U.S.-owned factories. In more recent years, the imprisonment of millions of Uyghur Muslims has gained international attention.

More recently, China’s communist leaders found themselves in trouble when tennis star Peng Shuai was whisked away after she publicly accused a major CCP official of sexual abuse. Her reappearance two weeks later, and her supposed assurance she was fine, caused more scrutiny of a country known more for forcing confessions from its citizens than its Olympic ski team.

Littlejohn says the world knows full well what China is doing: forced abortions, illegal organ harvesting, a mass surveillance state, and committing basic human rights abuses in Tibet and Hong Kong.