'Plan B' rescue continues in Afghanistan

'Plan B' rescue continues in Afghanistan

'Plan B' rescue continues in Afghanistan

A private group of dedicated American veterans and civilians is still working to find ways to help anyone who wants to leave Afghanistan do so.

Afghan Rescue Crew (ARC), spokeswoman Jean Marie Thrower tells American Family News the Taliban reportedly continues to target religious minorities, including Christians and Hazaras -- a Persian-speaking group located in the central part of the country.

Thrower, Jean Marie (ARC) Thrower

"We just had a report in one province that actually 800 Hazara families were expelled out of their own homes, and the homes were given to the Taliban people," Thrower details. "They're basically homeless."

Meanwhile, the Taliban continues to kill Christian and Hazaras who are still in the country.

"They are being beaten, interrogated, [and] some of them are missing," the ARC spokeswoman continues. "We've had a lot of Christians go missing in the last three weeks."

Reuters reports that roughly 100 U.S. citizens and permanent citizens are waiting to leave Afghanistan, but ARC, or "Plan B," is trying to help between 500 and 600 people get out of the country. For the time being, however, the organization is raising money to help them stay alive and safe in country until they can find a way out.

"The banks have collapsed, so we're having to find different ways to try and get them money and different ways so they can stay alive … until we can figure out ways to get them out," says Thrower.

ARC has already successfully rescued hundreds of individuals and gotten them to third countries safely. Even as things become increasingly dangerous and challenging, the organization continues to try to rescue as many as humanly possible.