Barton: Biblical mandate to help Afghans clashed with evil State Dept.

Barton: Biblical mandate to help Afghans clashed with evil State Dept.

The frantic evacuation of Americans and Afghans from the Taliban's grip has not been forgotten by the American public, including those who experienced it firsthand and saw the Biden administration up close.

Barton: Biblical mandate to help Afghans clashed with evil State Dept.

Christians are being hunted down and killed like animals in Afghanistan, and an American who is involved in helping them escape says he is obeying a biblical mandate to help fellow believers.

David Barton of the Texas-based WallBuilders ministry is also involved with The Nazarene Fund, a non-profit that has made national headlines for funding private rescue missions that saved thousands of Afghans from a Taliban bullet.

Glenn Beck, the well-known radio host, is a founder of Nazarene and sits on the board along with Barton.

“This is one of the things where scripturally you're supposed to help those that are persecuted,” Barton tells American Family News. “These are things that we think every Christian should be involved with.”

Yoshihara, Susan (American Council) Yoshihara

A second organization helping on the ground is the newly formed American Council on Women, Peace and Security, led by Susan Yoshihara. She says Afghan women and girls are being turned away from jobs they held and from schools they attended.

“They've been told to go home,” she says. “So what will happen to these girls? We fear for what's going to happen to these girls.”

In recent weeks, American Council helped 288 women and girls get the proper paperwork to leave Afghanistan only to be turned away at the airport gates in Kabul, Yoshihara tells American Family News.

Barton says Nazarene is rescuing anyone --- not just professing Christians --- who is in danger and wants to flee the Taliban. At the same time, the ministry is learning that many Christians in Afghanistan are making a bold choice: They are staying.

Barton, David (WallBuilders) Barton

“We have been told,” he advises, “that 30% of Christians in Afghanistan refuse to leave because they want to keep the gospel of Christ in Afghanistan.”

In separate interviews with American Family News, both Barton and Yoshihara scolded the Biden administration for allowing a situation to unfold that is literally costing innocent lives. That accusation has been leveled by many others in recent weeks, from lawmakers to private security personnel, who have said actions taken by the Pentagon and the State Dept. range from inept to criminal.

Yoshihara says little was done by the State Dept. to help innocent Afghans but Barton has an even more sinister claim. He alleges callous, uncaring bureaucrats at the State Dept. openly mocked the bureaucratic hurdles for Afghans to obtain proper documents for a plane ride out of the Taliban’s ruthless rule.

“They were laughing about it,” Barton says of State Dept. officials.