Pride Police on a stakeout for 'unsafe' free speech

Pride Police on a stakeout for 'unsafe' free speech

Pride Police on a stakeout for 'unsafe' free speech

"Cesspool" is a code word for "not censored enough."

Tim Graham
Tim Graham

Tim Graham is executive editor of NewsBusters and director of media analysis for the Media Research Center. His articles have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Times, National Review and other publications.

June is designated as Pride Month, which is allegedly about inclusion and diversity, but the Pride Police don't actually believe in that. There is no diversity of opinions on LGBTQ issues. It's "My Way" or the Bigot Highway. They say Pride Month is about visibility, but there shall be no visibility for any resistance. Their mentality: agree, or vanish.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, "scandal" erupted when a news manager at WOOD-TV wrote a memo to staff to remember that there were two differing views on Pride events in the community. Quickly, the station's owner -- Nexstar, the largest owner of TV stations in America -- apologized for and insisted this both-sides memo was "not consistent with Nexstar's values, the way we cover the news, or the respect we have for our viewers."

There shall be only one side of these issues. That shows "respect" for ... some members of the community. The rest should be ignored. Media corporations are at the head of the pack of "woke" corporations. The idea they are neutral moderators of any community's affairs is ridiculous.

One of the primary enforcers of the LGBTQ Speech Code is GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation -- but the D really stands for Debate, or Democracy.

In a badly disguised press release from the Associated Press, GLAAD released what they call a "Safety Index" on the social media giants. The headline was "Twitter is the worst major social media platform when it comes to LGBTQ+ safety, says GLAAD." There is not a single opposing view in this story, just the way GLAAD likes it.

AP reporter/publicist Barbara Ortutay tweeted out the main point from Sarah Kate Ellis, the GLAAD CEO: "Twitter is largely a cesspool now. You can't post without getting attacked. There's no room for conversation. It is just about hand-to-hand combat." Ellis also said it's like "backyard dogfights."

"Cesspool" is a code word for "not censored enough." Sarah Kate Ellis is not interested in "conversation," only conversion. GLAAD's publicly stated goal is "accelerating acceptance," and they prefer accelerating it by squashing all contrary opinions.

Ortutay explained the opposing view this way: "Twitter's communications staff was eradicated after Musk took over the company and for months inquiries to the press office have been answered only with an automated reply of a poop emoji, as was the case when The Associated Press reached out to the company for comment." No one else in America could offer a contrary opinion?

GLAAD is mad because Elon Musk took over and dissolved Twitter's "trust and safety council" where GLAAD wielded power. Ellis complained on MSNBC on June 17: "Elon Musk has turned Twitter into a weapon against the LGBTQ community. He leads the charge." Libertine leftists were furious that Musk would promote a tweet "falsely equating gender-affirming care to the 'mutilation' of children."

Overall, Twitter failed to employ "safety precautions" like punishing users for "misgendering" trans activists or -- gasp -- using nonpreferred pronouns.

As NBC reporter/publicist David Ingram explained in a Twitter story, "using pronouns other than what someone prefers is a common way to bully trans people." It's "bullying" to refuse to use "ze/zir" or whatever today's fashion is.

The censors at GLAAD are in the business of bullying, starting with the usual method that these verbal slights spur suicide attempts. Since Twitter is failing to enforce GLAAD's standards, they are demanding the government get involved in some heavy-handed content moderation. When the private "safety" enforcers can't censor people, it's time for federal intervention.


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