It's about more than flooding the voter rolls

It's about more than flooding the voter rolls

It's about more than flooding the voter rolls

There's more than meets the eye to the Democrats' erasure of the nation's southern border.

Robert Knight
Robert Knight

Robert Knight is a columnist for The Washington Times. His latest book is "Crooked: What Really Happened in the 2020 Election and How to Stop the Fraud."

Sure, the Biden administration plans to keep allowing millions of illegal aliens into the United States, hook them on government aid, and turn them into permanent Democrat voters. This is so obvious that denying it makes the Democrats and their media look ridiculously dishonest.

But I submit it's even more sinister.

The aim is not to establish permanent, one-party Democratic power, although that's crucial. The real goal is to end self-government once and for all. And, the government doesn't have to own the means of production, as in socialist and communist countries.

It just has to have absolute control, telling companies what to do. We've seen how that worked in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany.

How to do it here? Flood the welfare rolls until the fiscal crisis is so extreme that the system breaks down and Americans turn to an all-powerful regime to "save us."

This is not a conspiracy theory. It's a decades-long political strategy introduced by two Columbia University sociologists in the May 2, 1966, edition of the leftist magazine "The Nation." Richard Andrew Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven drafted it.

As described by DiscovertheNetworks.org, "the 'Cloward-Piven Strategy' seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse."

If six million illegals so far under President Biden isn't enough, Democrats have another entire year to add a couple million more.

They are negotiating a huge spending bill for Ukraine and Israel that is supposed to have a few bucks in it for the border. But let's face it. It won't be for border enforcement. It will fund more concierge service for illegal entrants, what they call "processing."

Democratic leaders are pretending to be serious about the border because, after all, it's an election year. Even many Democrat voters are alarmed by what's happening.

With the New Deal, the Great Society and the Obama/Biden presidencies, Democrats have expanded centralized government power astronomically, well beyond the "safety net" of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Mr. Cloward, who died in 2001, and Ms. Piven also pushed for relaxing election integrity safeguards via the Motor Voter Law, ACORN, Project Vote and their own group, Human SERVE. The couple were busy little bees in the war on America's constitutional system.

In 2020, the COVID pandemic afforded Democrats an excuse to mandate ballot harvesting, unmanned drop boxes, expanded voting periods, and mailing millions of ballots from compromised registration lists. All of this facilitates vote fraud.

Thanks to Mr. Biden's war on American energy plus pandemic spending, the United States has a fast-rising national debt of more than $34 trillion and ruinous inflation. That's fine by the ruling elites, who aren't fazed in the least by $6 boxes of cereal.

Part of the Cloward-Piven Strategy involves creating societal chaos. The couple called for "cadres of aggressive organizers" to use "demonstrations to create a climate of militancy." They applauded race riots during the 1960s.

In 2020, Black Lives Matter and Antifa ignited deadly riots in more than 200 cities, cheered on by Kamala Harrris, who helped launch a bail fund for rioters. Merchants boarded up storefronts in November just in case President Trump was re-elected. They breathed a sigh of relief when "unifier" Joe Biden was declared the winner.

Upon taking office, Mr. Biden promptly began souring race relations, pushing woke mandates and claiming that "white supremacists" were America's "greatest security threat." He parroted climate extremism while attacking America's energy independence.

Recently, with a straight face, Mr. Biden said this about the immigration tsunami:

"I've done all I can do, just give me the power. I asked them the very day I got into office. Give me the Border Patrol. Give me the judges. Give me the people who can stop this."

This is like the arsonist who pours gasoline on the flames saying he did everything he could do.

Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell and other Democrat media mouthpieces this past week blamed Republicans for the border crisis.

"Biden has already issued more than 500 immigration-related executive actions…," she wrote. "Biden has arguably exhausted the extent of his presidential authority, and so far, his measures haven't stemmed the tide of border crossings."

No, I guess they wouldn't. He engineered the crisis himself with his very first executive orders undoing Trump policies that had secured the border and has taken dozens of actions to worsen it.

The Republican-led House is impeaching Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, charging him with failing to enforce the border and breaching public trust by lying about it. He has responded with the equivalent of a rude gesture familiar to motorists.

Democrats, who put President Trump through two sham impeachments, and a Soviet-style, Jan. 6 inquisition, claim that the GOP is abusing the impeachment process.

The definition of chutzpah is someone who murders his parents and then asks for mercy on account of his being an orphan.

Democrats and their media have plenty of chutzpah. What they don't seem to have is any shame for what they're deliberately doing to this country.

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