The Left's 'narrative' is falling apart

The Left's 'narrative' is falling apart

The Left's 'narrative' is falling apart

A great many Americans are rejecting COVID lies, climate hysteria, fake food, treacherous border policies, school indoctrination, and the media's pejorative description of them as "election deniers." In short, an awakened American citizenry isn't buying what the Left is selling.

Robert Knight
Robert Knight

Robert Knight is a columnist for The Washington Times. His latest book is "Crooked: What Really Happened in the 2020 Election and How to Stop the Fraud."

Like green shoots poking up through snow in early spring, more and more signs of resistance are emerging every day.

We may be witnessing a massive rejection of the grim future fashioned for us by ruling elites, whose narrative of radical change is collapsing.

Americans are not buying what they're selling.

They told us to endure endless rounds of COVID-19 shots, which are not only ineffective but may be harmful. Pfizer and Moderna stocks have plummeted because Americans have weighed the outcomes and gone natural. Millions of doses are stockpiled.

With the exception of a few trans enablers, more parents than ever are refusing to allow mad scientists to experiment on their children.

Nearly a million epidemiologists and public health scientists who have signed the Great Barrington Declaration recommend "focused protection." They predicted that COVID, like flu, could not be contained and that the best policy is to safeguard the vulnerable while not mandating shots, school closings and lockdowns on the rest of the population. Events have proved them right.

The elites ordered us to abandon our miraculous, fossil-fueled energy grid in favor of windmills and solar panels. That isn't happening. Gas and oil companies are investing heavily in new production, especially in the Permian Basin in Texas. They know the windmill fantasy is fading.

Electric cars and trucks are sitting by the thousands in dealers' lots despite $7,500 in federal giveaways for each purchase and Democrat mandates prohibiting sales of gasoline-powered vehicles within the next decade.

Electric cars are expensive, glorified golf carts. They're okay as a second vehicle in an urban area with lots of recharging stations. Some Tesla owners love them.

But they're not practical on long trips or in the hinterlands, especially in areas where temperatures can plunge near zero. On top of that, batteries wear out. After an eight-year warranty, replacement can cost owners from $5,000 to $20,000 or even more.

And what happens if everyone recharges daily? In California, electric vehicle owners were told not to plug into an already overtaxed electric grid.

Fewer people than ever believe that wind and sun will make up for closing coal-and-natural-gas-fired power plants. We like reliable electricity. It makes modern life – including food production, medicine, science, heat and air conditioning – possible. It alleviates poverty for billions.

The elites have lied to us about climate science, demonizing CO2 as a dangerous pollutant that causes global warming despite no evidence of causation. The Earth has had far warmer periods with no human greenhouse gases. Plus, plants love CO2, and warming oceans mean more rain for crops. India is having record grain harvests.

In a recent article in The Epoch Times, Brownstone Institute founder Jeffrey A. Tucker observes that "the Great Reset" of our economy envisioned by global elites is failing due to market forces.

In addition to rejecting electric cars, people are not switching from real meat to fake meat. The value of Beyond Meat's stock has fallen from $192 a share in 2019 to $8.72 a share today.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, whose $400 million interference in the 2020 election helped give us the catastrophic Biden administration, was alarmed when Elon Musk liberated the leftist-controlled Twitter and renamed it X.

Mr. Zuckerberg created a still-censorial alternative called Threads in 2023. It's tanking.

"It started with 4 million users, mostly by drafting Instagram users," Mr. Tucker writes. "Today it's down to 1 million, but even they're hardly active at all."

The evil and imbecility that infects much of the academic establishment is being exposed.

Homeschooling and private schools are booming. Parents don't want gay porn in the classroom. Putting men into women's sports is causing widespread revulsion. And the explosion of anti-Semitism at colleges has exposed the race-baiting reality of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) policies.

Americans are seeing cities swamped by illegal immigrants welcomed here in the millions by an administration that is committing treason by not securing the border and lying about it.

Nearly a third of all Americans and 68% of Republicans told a Monmouth survey released last June that they believe Joe Biden's election in 2020 was due to vote fraud.

Let's recap. A great many Americans are rejecting COVID lies, climate hysteria, fake food, treacherous border policies, school indoctrination, and the media's pejorative description of them as "election deniers."

Amid all this, Democrats falsely accuse former President Trump of "insurrection" and are engaging in lawfare, removing him from the ballot in states like Colorado and Maine.

It's becoming obvious that the jig is up and that ruling elites who bleat about "saving democracy" will do anything to keep power.

It's up to us – an awakened citizenry – to take it away from them, God willing.

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