Profit & Purpose roadblocks

Profit & Purpose roadblocks

Profit & Purpose roadblocks

Let's talk about roadblocks. You know, like those pesky obstacles that can keep you from achieving your goals. Because by far, the biggest thing that will hold you back in investing is … yourself!

Bob Lotich
Bob Lotich

Bob Lotich, CEPF, is founder of SeedTime, a ministry that teaches individuals how to turn their financial resources into something incredibly fruitful that has eternal impact for the Kingdom of God. He is author of the award-winning book "Simple Money, Rich Life," which lays out how to save all you can, earn all you can, give all you can … and enjoy it all.

Navigating a life of financial purpose is definitely a mental game as much as it is about knowing what exactly to do. If that comes as a shock to you, then let me give you my own example:

My roadblocks

As a Christian who grew up in a blue-collar, middle-class home, one of my biggest challenges was with my mindset. I believed that financial success was simply out of reach for me.

It didn't matter what I did, or how hard I tried …

I would always be living paycheck to paycheck …

I would always have a car payment …

I would always have to be counting down the days until my next paycheck …

I would never really feel like I could get ahead financially.

It was just the way it was, so I might as well get used to it … or so I believed.

But as I really began studying the Bible and allowing God to reshape my beliefs and mold my heart, my mindset began to change.

I began to see that there were many wealthy men and women of God all throughout the Bible who didn't serve money, but used their money to serve God – and who understood that they were simply stewards with the opportunity to use what they were trusted with to glorify God.

As you might expect, when my mindset changed, my life changed with it.

I want the same to happen for you

If you relate to my story … if you're carrying around the idea that you'll always be stuck where you are right now … then the very first thing we need to do before we can make any progress is let go of that.

Take a minute and pray that God would reveal to you any limiting beliefs you have and would help you tear them down and replace them with His truth.

I promise, this will be a big "Aha!" for you too.

Prayer may seem "too easy," but trust me – it can make all the difference between success and failure.

Editor's note: SeedTime offers a passive investing course for those desiring guidance in that area.

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