Three biblical reasons to earn more

Three biblical reasons to earn more

Three biblical reasons to earn more

God's Word shows us a proper balance of what it means to be wealthy while at the same time using those resources to glorify Him. As it turns out – not surprisingly – it's an issue of the heart.

Bob Lotich
Bob Lotich

Bob Lotich, CEPF, is founder of SeedTime, a ministry that teaches individuals how to turn their financial resources into something incredibly fruitful that has eternal impact for the Kingdom of God. He is author of the award-winning book "Simple Money, Rich Life," which lays out how to save all you can, earn all you can, give all you can … and enjoy it all.

There's a common belief, especially among Christians, that really rubs me the wrong way. It's the idea that being poor is somehow "more holy" than being wealthy. Or God actually desires that we would be poor …

Now, don't get me wrong, the Bible is clear on the traps and dangers of wealth. But we hear plenty about this already. What we don't hear enough is that God might actually be FOR you earning MORE. Not necessarily so you can buy a pair of lambos or yachts, but because of how God can use you, grow you, and change the world around you through what He's trusted you with.

And I believe that scripture shows us a proper balance of what this looks like. Let's take a look at three biblical reasons to earn more.

1. Reaching our full potential in Christ

The story of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30 strongly advocates for us to utilize and grow the resources we are given rather than just sitting on them.

To be clear, this parable DOES NOT only pertain to growing money. It could be growth in your influence, growth in your faith, growth in those you lead to the Lord.

I hope you see growth in all those areas.

But my point is that we shouldn't exclude wealth from the areas that God may intend to grow in our lives for His purposes.

Which leads me to point #2 …

2. Teaming up with God to do good

In 2 Corinthians 9:7, it's clear that having a heart for giving is beautiful in God's eyes. Being in a solid financial position allows us to give generously and team up with God to make a positive change in the world.

This one is really interesting to think about if we go a little deeper – does God need us in order to be generous? Couldn't He just snap His fingers and provide for everyone in the world?

The short answer that I believe is: yes, He could. But He wants us to be willing participants in the journey. He wants us to experience all the blessings of giving (now and in the age to come).

Now, does earning more mean your giving is "better" than someone who gives less? Absolutely not!

But, in my simple human perspective on all this, even I can see that giving more out of the right heart means more impact on the world around me … and ultimately more glory to God because of that!

3. Enjoying God's blessings

Finally, there's 1 Timothy 6:17, which nudges us to enjoy the blessings we have, to live joyfully and with a spirit of gratitude, appreciating the resources we've been entrusted with.

Of course, this is wrapped in a warning against being consumed by wealth (in case you think I'm taking this out of context). But what this shows me is that God actually does care about us being able to "live a little" with what He's given us.

It's kind of like giving your kids a present. You want them to use it and enjoy it. That was the purpose of the gift. If they instead felt guilty and tried to give every gift you gave them away and showed no joy or happiness in life, you would probably think there was something wrong with them!

'So … God wants me to be rich?'

Not exactly (although, He might). I believe we are given the provision that we need for the assignment that He has for us. So, some need significantly more to do the work He has called them to than others. But the key in all of this, I believe, is the condition of our hearts.

We need to realize that some people who have less are actually in a worse position because of their envy or jealousy of others.

As it's often been said: Money will magnify what's in our hearts.

Let's take the words in 1 Cor 10:12 seriously: "So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don't fall!"

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