What if God asked …

What if God asked …

What if God asked …

If you hear God calling you to do something hard – maybe even give up something you would call 'precious' – don't be afraid.

Bob Lotich
Bob Lotich

Bob Lotich, CEPF, is founder of SeedTime, a ministry that teaches individuals how to turn their financial resources into something incredibly fruitful that has eternal impact for the Kingdom of God. He is author of the award-winning book "Simple Money, Rich Life," which lays out how to save all you can, earn all you can, give all you can … and enjoy it all.

Think about what you would consider your most treasured possession.

Don't spend too long on this, whatever comes to mind is fine. I just want you to picture something that's valuable to you as you ponder this question:

What if God asked you to give that thing up?

It's a challenging (and very revealing) question. The emotions that come up can give us a serious reality check on the orientation of our hearts.

I don't say that because I think God really wants you to give something up; I say it because I think He wants us to have a proper perspective on our possessions.

How to trust when it doesn't make sense

Consider Abraham when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac. This was a pretty strange request, especially considering the promise God had given Abraham – that he would become the father of a great nation through Isaac.

But here's the thing: Abraham trusted God, even when it didn't make sense.

And this is a crucial lesson to understand because we often find ourselves facing challenges or detours in life that make us question God's plan. When that happens, it's easy to lose hope and give up. But I think what that reveals is that (maybe) our faith and trust might not have been in God to begin with.

I find that it's easy to say I'll obey God … until He actually asks me to make a sacrifice.

Fortunately, Abraham's example shows us a different way.

He trusted God even when he didn't understand the request. And what happened? Unimaginable blessings followed!

It's like Jesus said: Anyone who gives up family, lands, and possessions in His name will receive a hundred times more now and in the age to come.

This doesn't always mean huge financial blessings, but it is a promise nonetheless … and one we can put to the test!

Listen and respond…

So what's the point? If you hear God calling you to do something hard – maybe even give up something you would call 'precious' – don't be afraid.

There's a world of blessing beyond that one difficult decision. Be strong and courageous, and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime with your Friend and Savior.

And remember, "Where our treasure is, there our heart is also." (Matthew 6:21)

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