Biden ripped for paying 'lip service' re: Israel's survival

Biden ripped for paying 'lip service' re: Israel's survival

Biden ripped for paying 'lip service' re: Israel's survival

President Joe Biden is being taken to task for lecturing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about how to fight a war – and for paying "lip service" to Israel's battle for national survival.

It's common knowledge that Biden hasn't been the most friendly president when it comes to U.S.-Israel relations. For example, during a recent interview published in TIME Magazine the president was asked if Israeli forces have committed war crimes in Gaza. His reply? "It's uncertain." And when asked during the same interview if Netanyahu is prolonging the war for his own political reasons, Biden answered: "There is every reason for people to draw that conclusion."

Gary Bauer, chairman of the Campaign for Working Families, has served on the board of Christians United for Israel.

Bauer, Gary (American Values) Bauer

"President Biden has not lifted one finger to try to end the war between Ukraine and Russia," he exclaims. "The United States has made no peace efforts; Biden has done nothing to encourage Ukraine and Russia to sit down and figure out a way to prevent the world from tripping into a nuclear conflict. So, he is in no position to lecture Bibi Netanyahu or anybody else about how to fight a war."

According to Bauer, Biden is openly interfering in the political process in Israel.

"There's an undeclared war on BiBi Netanyahu trying to undermine him, trying to force the Israeli government to call an early election in order to get a new government that would be more malleable to the demands of Joe Biden," Bauer tells AFN. "And the reason they're doing this is that the Democrat Party, with each passing day, becomes more and more anti-Israel."

Caroline Glick, a journalist and former advisor to Netanyahu, serves as a senior contributing editor at the Jewish News Syndicate.

Glick, Caroline Glick

"The United States is presenting what is essentially Hamas's position from [a few] weeks ago as Israel's position," said the author and national security expert in a recent podcast. "It did it at an hour that Israel couldn't respond. It presented it as a fait accompli.

"It's not Israel's position," she continued, "because it's calling for Israel to capitulate to all of Hamas's demands. It's providing Hamas with the protection of two state sponsors that the United States values and upholds as fairer than the state of Israel."

The Biden administration, she said, played a "deeply dishonest and incredibly hostile" trick on Israel.

"Here we are, fighting a war for national survival, [and] Biden pays lip service to that battle while seeking, in the most obscene way, to undermine it and to hand victory to Hamas," she lamented.