When the UN admits Hamas atrocities, you know it was a horror show

When the UN admits Hamas atrocities, you know it was a horror show

When the UN admits Hamas atrocities, you know it was a horror show

Now that the Jew-hating United Nations has confirmed horrific sex crimes perpetrated by Hamas during its October 7 attack, a Christian leader says the UN report is a good reminder that Israeli soldiers are searching for real terrorists in Gaza.

When Hamas terrorists entered southern Israel in a well-planned attack, footage from phones and dashcams shocked the world. Civilians were shot dead at a music festival and machine-gunned in their cars. Families were ambushed and killed in their kibbutz settlements. Shocked civilians, huddling in a bomb shelter, were blown apart by hand grenades.

But a report released yesterday goes into more graphic, stomach-churning details about rapes and tortures Hamas terrorists committed on that tragic day.

Gary Bauer, of Christians United for Israel, says the IDF is dismantling a “terrorist infrastructure” in the Gaza Strip that planned the attack which made no distinction between an IDF soldier guarding a base and a pregnant mother living on a kibbutz.

“They kill Israeli civilians after they've raped the women,” he says. “And then they hide behind civilians in Gaza to prevent Israel from getting justice.”

The UN report states there are “reasonable grounds to believe that conflict-related sexual violence occurred during the 7 October attacks in multiple locations," and it goes on to describe some of the evidence in graphic detail, such as raping Jewish corpses. 

The fact the report is coming from the UN, which is notorious for working against Israel at every turn, Bauer observes, only gives the report more credibility.

Bauer, Gary (American Values) Bauer

“I think even the fools that run the United Nations periodically get mugged by reality,” Bauer tells AFN. “If they have any sense of decency at all, they've got to speak up.”

Back on U.S. soil, Bauer says it is frustrating to realize President Biden had access to classified information about the attacks, including graphic descriptions of what Hamas perpetrated against innocent Jews. Yet he has been publicly demanding the IDF stop its campaign against Hamas.

“I hate to say this to our friends in Israel,” Bauer says, “but Joe Biden is willing to sacrifice Jerusalem, if that's what he has to do, to make sure he wins Ann Arbor, Michigan.”